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Definition of Legislative Drafting and Drafter/Draftsperson

"Legislative Drafting is the skill of a Legislative Drafter who is a lawyer trained in the discipline of mastering the use of words and knowledge to effectively communicate policies and intentions into simple, clear and intelligible laws, and analysing the future to produce workable and realistic solutions which will develop society".    

"Legislative drafters are responsible for producing legislation which promotes democratic governance and gives effect to the rule of law."

"Poor and incomplete legislative drafting produces litigation and chaos and undermines the rule of law".   

Jamela A Ali, Attorney at Law LLB(Hons)(UWI), LEC, LLM(Legislative Drafting), MCIArb. For more quotes scrool below

The Articles below were written by Jamela A Ali, Master of laws degree in Legislative Drafting from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados. She is the principal of the Jamela Ali Law Firm. For more legal services, click links here Oil and Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Conveyancing, Property matters, Adoption of Children, Probates of Wills and Administration, Divorces, Formation of Companies, Money Claims, Real Estate and Mediation.


  • PARLIAMENT: A DEMOCRACY OR A MOCKERY 2003 - Legislative Drafting critique of Service Commissions, Terrorist, Deportee and Seat Belt Laws at the Guyana Bar Association law conference. Quote "The amendments were not a credit to those who assumed responsibility for their drafting. They were ambiguous, vague and characterised by a total absence of specifics. The legislative vacuum led to different interpretations as to what Parliament intended."

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Legislative Drafting quotes from Articles - Jamela A Ali, Attorney at Law LLB(Hons), LEC, LLM(Legislative Drafting)(UWI), MCIArb.

"It is poor drafting and absence of clarity which encourages those who wish to undermine the rule of law."

"To draft cut and paste style is to go to sea without a compass, but to draft without civil litigation experience is not to go to sea at all."

"Draftspersons are not legal mechanics and it is their function to advise when recommendations are inappropriate for a Constitution. Erudition as opposed to compliance separates the proper draftspersons from the legal mechanics."


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Jamela A Ali is the Principal of the Jamela Ali Law Firm providing legal services in Contract Negotiations, Oil and Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Conveyancing, Property matters, Trademarks, Adoption of Children, Divorces, Probates of Wills and Administration, Money Claims, Formation of Companies, Mediation and Real Estate. She is also a Trademark and Patent Agent, a Notary Public and a Trained Mediator.

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