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Legal Services are available by Tel. +592-225-4712
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The Law Firm of Jamela A. Ali, Attorneys at Law, offer services in Conveyancing matters in the Deeds Registry and Land Registry, Guyana concerning properties held by Transports, Leases and Certificates of Title to Land.

The Law Firm handle the sale, gift or other transfer of Guyana properties for Guyanese and foreigners. Conveyancing services are provided for the Guyana Deeds Registry which handles Transports and Leases and the Land Registry which issues Certificates of Titles to Land of properties.

Agreements for the sale and purchase of property must be in writing and signed by both the vendor and the purchaser. These Agreements are usually prepared by an Attorney at Law. Parties may retain their own Attorney at Law to act in their interest. An agreement for the sale of property can be enforced by lodging a prohibition as a registered interest and also filing legal proceedings in the High Court for specific performance of the contract on the terms set out in the Agreement of Sale.  

A real estate agent may be retained to secure a purchaser for a property.

A Transport is a title document showing ownership of property and orignals are kept at the Deeds Registry. All mortgages on the property are marked on the face of the Transport.

The sale, gift or transfer of ownership of a Transport is passed before the Court and requires the services of an Attorney at Law who prepares, signs and files the necessary documents.

The fees and charges payable on the passing of Transport or the Transfer of Title to Land are:

•Registrar's fees and Duty to the Deeds Registry - 2.5% of the sale price or value of the property, usually agreed to be shared equally by Vendor and Purchaser.

•Taxes to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) on sales -  Capital Gains Tax of 20% of the profit between the value of the property as at 1991 and its current market value, exclusive of approved charges. If the property was owned by the vendor for more than 25 years prior to the sale, no capital gains tax is payable.

•Commission fee to the Real Estate Agent (if retained by Vendor) - 3% of the purchase price and 5% if land only.

Time frame

It takes about 3 months for Transports to be advertised and passed to the other person, provided all documents are in order and there are no oppositions entered.



A Certificate of Title to Land is a title document showing ownership of property issued by the Land Registry.


Documents required to transfer Transport, Lease or Certificate of Title by sale of gift

1. Original Title document and a form of Identification for persons in Guyana and valid passport page with signature and photo for persons residing overseas.

2. Vendor to obtain Certificate of Compliance from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) stating that the owner's taxes have been paid up to date (can be done by Vendor in person, their attorney or Tax Consultant). TIN from GRA is required.

3. Vendor to obtain Certificate of Compliance from the Mayor and City Council Office, Georgetown or the appropriate District Village Office stating that rates and taxes for the property have been paid up to date.

4. To obtain Valuation of property from the Government Valuation Officer at Camp Street, Georgetown (for gifts and for GRA)

5. Power of Attorney if parties are out of Guyana or unable to personally represent themselves. If a power is to be executed abroad, this can be done at any Guyana Consulate/High Commission office or by any Notary Public. If done before a Notary Public, an Affidavit of Subscribing Witness must be executed. (Power of Attorney can be prepared in Guyana)

6. If a Mortgage is written on the face of the Title document, it must be cancelled with relevant documents.

Time to transfer

7. It now takes between 3 - 5 weeks to transfer a Certificate of Title from date of filing.



For Real Estate Agent services of buying or selling properties click on GuyanaRealEstateAgents.com

Contact guyanarealestateagents@gmail.com or trudylegalservices@yahoo.com


Reviews by clients

"It gives me great pleasure in writing my review. Attorney at Law, Ms. Jamela Ali’s name was highly recommended by a dear friend who resides in Georgetown, Guyana. I contacted the office and explained to her legal assistant about my real estate sale.
Within hours, I received the guidance that I needed to proceed with my matter. I can honestly say in a matter of approximately 3 months of gathering all my necessary paperwork to inherit a property in Guyana from my grandmother and her husband, both of whom died; my house is now sold.
I’m recommending to anyone, if you’re looking for competence, proficiency & professionalism with legal real estate matters, Contact this super duo “Attorney at Law’’ Ms. Jamela Ali’s and Legal Assistant Mrs. Trudy Cummings."
Rudolph Rogers
US Army, Ft Meade, Maryland, USA- 18 August 2017


"I was in search of a lawyer to complete property issues in Guyana. I was in search of a knowledgeable, honest, efficient legal team. 
I googled Guyanese Lawyers and was impressed with Jamela Ali's professional profile. I contacted her online. Her prompt, detailed response left me with a sense of ease. She provided all of the information I requested. Ms. Ali and Trudy Cummings were able to complete the task within months! 
Jamela Ali and her team are knowledgeable professionals. Residing in Canada did not affect the level and consistency of communication. The communication and overall service was impeccable!
I highly recommend this legal team to anyone, living overseas or in Guyana.
A special thank you to Ms. Jamela A. Ali and Trudy Cummings."
Gabrielle Ann Braithwaite 
Ontario, Canada
- 16 March 2017


"My husband needed a lawyer in Guyana to handle the sale of his family’s home. I googled the internet looking for a Guyanese Lawyer and found Ms. Jamela Ali Law firm. I consulted her via email explaining the situation and seeking her advise because it was a complicated matter. I received a prompt response advising the services she could provide and in detail explained what steps are necessary in handling the sale of the property. During the entire process I was advised and kept informed every step of the way especially by her assistant Ms. Trudy Cummings who always went above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns we may have.  Ms. Jamela Ali and Trudy Cummings are both dedicated and extremely knowledgeable professionals in their field.
Thank you Trudy and Jamela for your hard work, dedication and the exceptional services you provided to us. We would have been lost without your help".
Geeta and Balkaran Sitaram
Toronto, Canada - 5 February 2017


Recently we retained Ms Jamela Ali to help us with preparing our Will and completing a real estate transaction. It was a very good choice She completed our work in a timely manner and helped us identify and consider our many choices. Throughout the process she remained objective and professional, always looking out for our interests.
We would recommend Ms Ali to anyone in Guyana seeking efficient, knowledgeable professional help in estate planning, real estate, or nearly any legal question.
Richard and Ramatee Charan
Guyana & USA - 21 January 2017


"It was a pleasure working with Jamela A. Ali, she assisted me in finding the best solution to an issue regarding a property I had purchased. I was very satisfied with the meticulous way she spearheaded the plans to achieve our favorable court case outcome. Thus I highly recommend her services when seeking legal advice.
Satisfied client,
R. Ali" Canada and Guyana.
28 June 2016


"Many Guyanese who are overseas have need of someone in Guyana to attend to  unfinished business that is left behind.  We sometimes find it difficult to find the right person who can advise and get closure especially in civil matters as it relates to banking, real estate, insurance claims, outstanding debts etc.  Ms.  Jamela Ali is an astute Lawyer, with humility and understanding who will explore all avenues to find a just solution.  Her staff also works untiring to ensure results as quickly as possible.  Ms. Ali responds very quickly as one can expect, even on the same day.  Thank you."
Aileen Sue-Wah-Sing, Canada
July 3, 2015


Ms Jamela A Ali, SC, CM, LLM is a SENIOR COUNSEL in Guyana with over 34 years experience. For legal services, click on links here Oil and Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Conveyancing, Property matters, Trademarks, Adoption of Children, Divorces, Probates of Wills and Administration, Money Claims, Formation of Companies, Mediation, Real Estate and Contract Negotiations.

Ms Jamela A Ali made special studies in Legislative Drafting, obtained a Masters of Law degree from UWI, Barbados, which included the Public Law courses of Constitutional and Administrative Law and wrote a Research Paper on Legislative Drafting, Parliamentary Counsel, Statute Law Revision, Consolidation of Laws, Law Reform, Constitution, Natural Justice, and Good Administration.

Ms Jamela A. Ali is also a Trademark and Patent Agent, a Notary Public and a Trained Mediator.

For further information, here are the contact details:

Contact person: Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, CM, LLM (Legislative Drafting), LLB (Hons)(UWI), MCIArb.

Office Address: 78 Hadfield and Breda Streets, Werk en Rust, Georgetown, Guyana (br), South America

Telephone number: +592 225 4712

Whats app message:+592 696 2435

Emails:                 jamelalawyer11@yahoo.com


Website:               www.GuyaneseLawyer.com








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