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Guyana Oil (Petroleum) and Gas Industry

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Ms Jamela A Ali, SC is a lead Lawyer with over 34 years experience in public service and private practice and the Founder of Guyana Oil and Gas Consultancy Inc. (GOGCO), which provides services for businesses seeking services relating to the huge oil discovery in Guyana. She is the Principal of the Jamela Ali Law Firm. For legal services click links here Oil & Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Property matters, Formation of Companies, Money Claims, Trademarks & Patents, Probates of Wills and Administration, Divorces and Adoptions of Children.


Guyana is presently the fastest growing economy due to its Oil and Gas Industy with ExxonMobil announcing that it has discovered immense quantities of oil offshore Guyana. In October 2017, the Government of Guyana entered into a Petroleum Agreement for "Production Sharing" with 3 subsidiaries of Exxon Mobil.

click here for 2016 Petroleum Agreement by
Government of Guyana
1. Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited
2. CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Limited and
3. Hess Guyana Exploration Limited

click here for 1999 Petroleum Prospecting Licence Agreement by
Government of Guyana and Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited



Present Minister of Natural Resources is Hon. Vickram Bharrat.

Guyana has taken steps to define the Oil and Gas Industry and to cater for investors. The former Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael G. C. Trotman is in the process of putting new and appropriate legislation in place. He has stated,

"Having this kind of [oil and gas] wealth is going to be beyond transformative [for Guyana]. We would like to temper our expectations and excitement with common sense and […] progress sensibly with cautious optimism."


Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act Cap. 65:04

Petroleum (Production) Act Cap. 65:05

Seminars attended on the Industry

21 June 2018 - Some Economic and Educational Imperatives of the Oil Business by Prof Sarim Al-Zubaidy UTT, Prof. Andrew Jupiter, Prof. Clement Imbert & Dr Vincent Adams - hosted by University of Guyana - Fifth Conversation on Law and Society at Roraima Duke Lodge, Guyana

9-10 March 2018 - Guyana Oil & Gas Law Training Development Conference hosted, organised and facilitated by the Judiciary and the Executive Council of the Bar Association of Guyana at Ramada, Guyana.

6 September 2017 - Ms Ali participated in a Workshop on the Draft Local Content Policy on Oil with Consultant Anthony Paul from Trinidad hosted by Ministry of Natural Resources at Marriott Hotel, Guyana.

16 August 2017 - Ms Ali attended Lecture presented by Roger Hosein from University of the West Indies hosted by the Guyana Oil and Gas Association Inc. at Pegasus Hotel, Guyana.

18 November 2016 - Ms Ali attended a Seminar on Governance of the Petroleum Sector - "Preparing for First Oil" - Legal framework and Contract Negotiation - hosted by Ministry of Natural Resources Chatam House, Commonwealth Secretariat and Natural Resources Governance Institute.


Biographical reference

Ms Jamela A Ali, Senior Counsel. Click on links to view legal services for Mining Law & Agreements, Property matters, Trademarks, Adoption of Children, Probate of Wills and Administration, Divorces, Formation of Companies, Money Claims, Real Estate, Notarial services and preparing Contracts.

Ms Jamela A. Ali is also a Trademark and Patent Agent , a Notary Public and a Trained Mediator.

Ms. Jamela A. Ali has publications on Constitutional Law Reform, Administrative Law - Duty to Give Reasons, Legislative Drafting, Trademarks and Mediation.

For further information, here are the contact details

Contact person: Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, CM, LLM (Legislative Drafting), LLB (Hons)(UWI), MCIArb.

Office Address: 78 Hadfield and Breda Streets, Werk en Rust, Georgetown, Guyana (br), South America

Telephone number: +592 225 4712

Whats app message:+592 696 2435

Email: jamelalawyer11@yahoo.com

Website: www.GuyaneseLawyer.com

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