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Jamela A Ali's career as an Attorney at Law spans over 34 years, was appointed Senior Counsel (SC) and is the Principal of the Jamela Ali Law Firm. For legal services click links here for Oil & Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Property matters, Formation of Companies, Money Claims, Trademarks & Patents, Probates of Wills and Administration, Divorces and Adoptions of Children. She is the founder of an Oil company GOGCO. Jamela commenced her legal career at the Attorney General’s Chambers and held senior positions. Click here for views of clients!

Ms Jamela A Ali has the distinction of making several lead appearances at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Trinidad and in the Courts of Guyana, Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Judicature, Full Court, High Court (Constitutional & Administrative, Commercial and Family), Land Court and Magistrates Courts. Her mission is to provide an efficient and outstanding professional lawyer client service leading to the clients’ success.

Ms Jamela A. Ali is an Intellectual Property Agent (TradeMarks, Patents, Designs) in Guyana.

Ms Jamela A. Ali holds a Masters of Law degree in Legislative Drafting which included the Public Law courses of Constitutional and Administrative Law and provides services with regard to the review of Acts and subsidiary legislation.

Ms Jamela A Ali is one of the leading Mediators. She is the founder of Mediation Services International (MSI) offering ADR services and has provided Mediation training for UNDP, the Supreme Court of Guyana with JURIST for CCJ funded by the Government of Canada, USAID and BIMS. She was the Past President of the Mediation Institute of Guyana Inc.(now defunct*) As President, she initiated and managed the successful hosting of the first International Mediation Conference in Guyana. Presenters included Justice Vasheist Kokaram of Trinidad, Carl Singh, former Chancellor (ag) and Jamela A. Ali.
She is a Faculty Member for Guyana and Bangladesh International Mediation Society (BIMS).

Jamela was awarded the Advanced Certificate in International Arbitration and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London.

Her diverse background in Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation serves as a valuable resource to clients, providing unique and innovative insight in practicing litigation avoidance by strategising and negotiating in the settlement of disputes.

Jamela is the author of articles published in the Guyana Bar Review, Caribbean Law Review, Guyana Chronicle, Stabroek News newspapers and on websites and delivered speeches on Human Rights and Family and Matrimonial laws relating to Children & Women and appeared on National Television.

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Duty to Give Reasons (Administrative Law)
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Parliament - A Democracy or a Mockery?
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation
Adoption of Children Act reform
Mining Laws and Amerindians
Statute Law Revision, Consolidation of Laws, Law Reform, Natural Justice & Good Administration

Notary Public - Jamela is a Public Notary for Guyana in the County of Demerara since 8 September 2014.


Contact person: Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, CM, LLM (Legislative Drafting), LLB (Hons)(UWI), MCIArb.

Office Address: 78 Hadfield and Breda Streets, Werk en Rust, Georgetown, Guyana (br), South America

Telephone: +592 225 4712

Whats app message: +592 696 2435

Emails: jamelalawyer11@yahoo.com & jamelaali@gmail.com

Website:  www.GuyaneseLawyer.com




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