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Welcome to Guyana Divorce, Division of Property & Matrimonial Lawyers!


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Jamela Ali Law Firm can file Petitions for Divorces to the Family Division of the High Court for persons living in Guyana as well as those out of Guyana but domiciled in Guyana.

Click here laws on Divorce - Matrimonial Causes Act Cap. 45:02 in The Laws of Guyana Revised Edition LRO 2012, purple Volume 9. The Family (Proceedings and Procedure) Rules 2016 was published on the 9 February 2016.

Click here - Article on Guyana Divorce laws by Mr. M. Muntaz Ali, Attorney-at-Law - Time for Reform

In order to commence Divorce proceedings, the following is required to prepare the Divorce Petition:

  1. A certified original marriage certificate;
  2. The address of the person applying (Petitioner);
  3. The address of the other side (Respondent);
  4. The places and dates the parties lived after marriage;
  5. The occupation or job description of both parties;
  6. The domicile of the parties; 
  7. The names of children if they are below 18 years, their dates of birth and who are they living with;
  8. Reasons for divorce based on prescribed grounds described below, the date of separation etc.; 
  9. The name and address of someone in Guyana authorised to accompany the Marshal to serve the divorce petition on the Respondent (applicable to persons residing out of Guyana).
  10. Completion of Statement of Arrangments of Children form

The main grounds for a Divorce are:
1. Malicious desertion and or desertion
2.  Adultery
3.  Cruelty.

Personal Service of Divorce Petition
The Petition is required to be personally served on the Respondent by a Marshal of the Supreme Court of Guyana. The Respondent must be pointed out by the Petitioner or a duly authorised agent who knows the Respondent.

Substituted Service of Divorce Petition
The Petition may also be served by substituted service by registered airmail or courier post if the Respondent lives abroad and the Petitioner knows the address or by advertisement in a newspaper in Guyana or the country where the Respondent lives. An application has to be made to the High Court of the Supreme Court for a substituted service order.

Undefended Divorce
If the Respondent does not enter an appearance and file an answer within the prescribed time, the Petition will be heard undefended. The Petitioner has to attend Court and testify as to the contents of the Petition in order to obtain the Decree Nisi of Divorce. This does not end the Marriage.

Defended Divorce
A Respondent may defend the divorce by entering an appearance and filing an Answer asking that the Petition be dismissed. The Respondent may also file a cross prayer asking that the Respondent be granted the divorce.

Application to dispense with viva voce (oral) evidence
If the Petitioner is abroad and cannot return to Guyana for the hearing of the undefended divorce, an application can be made to the High Court of the Supreme Court for the evidence to be given by affidavit. However, the Judge may not grant the application if the Petitioner was not present in Guyana when the Petition for divorce was made.  Under the new Family Court rules, skype hearings may also be applied for and used for persons residng abroad.

Update - Due to Covid, undefended divorces are being heard by Virtual platforms such as Zoom.

Divorce Absolute Order
At the expiration of 6 (six) weeks after the decree nisi has been granted, the Petitioner can apply to the High Court to have it made absolute or final. If the Petitioner does not apply, the Respondent may do so 9 (nine) weeks after the decree nisi. A decree absolute order ends a marriage.


Reviews of clients

Excellent service. I reside overseas and needed a lawyer in Guyana to obtain a divorce ... I searched online and came across Ms. Jamela Ali and contacted her office and got connected with the lovely Ms.Trudy  who talked me through everything .. she was very informative and helpful ... It was such a smooth and quick  journey... Thanks for all the hard work and Dedication you put into my case ... your service is highly appreciated and recommend .... Thanks  again Ms. Jamela Ali and Ms.Trudy.
Samamtha Grimes - Barbados 
5 August 2019


I highly recommend Jamela Ali law firm. This firm helped me to file and complete my divorce in a timely manner with their expertise and professionalism.
Truly Cummings, a representative of the law firm, is a very reliable person who is attentive to clients and responds to any question you may have very quickly. For those of you overseas, looking to file a divorce, don't hesitate to contact Trudy Cummings.
Richard Mars - Connecticut, USA
5 August 2019


I desperately needed a lawyer for my divorce in Guyana but was overseas. I searched online and found Ms. Jamela Ali. Through her office I was able to have the necessary legal proceedings addressed in a timely manner. During this time I had a change of heart and Ms. Ali ensured the matter was legally resolved. Ms. Jamela Ali was always available to meet to listen to my concerns. In addition, she ensured I was totally informed of all developments as the matter moved forward. Her level of professionalism and dedication was exceptional. It is with this experience I have recommended Ms. Jamela Ali’s Office to my friends seeking legal advice and services.
Vivian Rookhum
28 April 2016


Division of Matrimonal Property

We also give advice to a husband, wife or common law spouse regarding their rights and entitlements in relation to property held in the name of one party during a marriage or other relationship, under the Married Persons (Property) Act Cap. 45:04 stated in The Laws of Guyana Revised Edition LRO 2012, purple Volume 9. 


Custody of Children

Custody of children matters are handled and applications for reasonable access of children by one parent.


Adoption of Children in Guyana

Ms Jamela A. Ali is a former Adviser and Member of the Guyana Adoption of Children Board and National Commission for the Survival, Protection and Development of Children and the Jamela A. Ali Law Office can apply to the High Court for the Adoption of Children residing in Guyana by Guyanese living in Guyana as well as Guyanese living abroad and also for foreigners.

The Adoption Laws of Guyana are governed by the Adoption of Children Act Cap. 46:04 set out in The Laws of Guyana Revised Edition LRO 2012, purple Volume 9. Adoption of Children are managed under The Childcare and Protection Agency Act Cap. 46:07.

The former Adoption laws did not permit Guyanese living abroad to adopt children in Guyana. In 1997, an amendment sought to permit Guyanese living abroad to adopt.

Letter by Jamela A. Ali, published in the Stabroek News on the 21 August 2000 under the caption Amendment to the Adoption Act is very badly drafted” and in the Guyana Chronicle on the 20 August 2000 under the caption “Guyanese living abroad cannot adopt children here”.

click here for Adoption of Children Act Reform



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Ms Jamela A. Ali is also a Trademark Agent, a Notary Public and a Trained Mediator.

For further information, here are the contact details:

Contact person: Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, CM, LLM (Legislative Drafting), LLB (Hons)(UWI), MCIArb.

Office Address: 78 Hadfield and Breda Streets, Werk en Rust, Georgetown, Guyana (br), South America

Telephone: +592 225 4712

Whats app message: +592 696 2435

Emails:                 jamelalawyer11@yahoo.com


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