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Ms. Jamela A. Ali is a Trained Mediator providing mediation services click for profile

Jamela is the Founder of Mediation Services International (MSI), a private Mediation Services provider and training institution for Guyana and internationally.

Thank you for visiting this web site. We provide Mediation, Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. Please feel free to communicate with us if you would like more information or need to discuss a specific situation.

Contact person:    Ms. Jamela A Ali, Attorney at Law, Mediator, International Arbitrator

Office Address:     Lot 1 Croal Street, Stabroek, Georgetown, Guyana (br)   

Telephone No.: +592 225 4712

Email:                  jamelaali@gmail.com

Website:               www.GuyanaMediator.com

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Ms Jamela A Ali is a Trained Mediator and an International Arbitrator providing service in the administration of justice and settlement of disputes.

Ms Jamela A Ali, LLM is also an Attorney at Law with over 29 years experience providing legal services in Oil and Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Conveyancing, Property matters, Trademarks, Adoption of Children, Divorces, Probates of Wills and Administration, Money Claims, Formation of Companies, Mediation, Real Estate and Notarial Services.

Ms Jamela A Ali made special studies in Legislative Drafting and obtained a Masters of Law degree from UWI, Barbados, which included the Public Law courses of Constitutional and Administrative Law and a Research Paper written on Legislative Drafting, Parliamentary Counsel, Statute Law Revision, Consolidation of Laws, Law Reform, Constitution, Natural Justice, and Good Administration.


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