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Jamela A Ali, SC is an Attorney at Law with over 34 years experience and former Chairperson of the Governing Board of the Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority (DCRA). The Law Office handles all matters relating to Companies, including the formation of and incorporation of Companies for Guyanese and international clients, winding up and removal of companies from the Register. Legal services include advice on all aspects of company law and compliance of agreements with the requirements of the Guyana Companies Act and other applicable legislation.

The Companies Act Cap. 89:01 in The Laws of Guyana Revised Edition LRO 2012 states the law in force at December 31, 2010 (purple volume 16), formerly the Companies Act No. 29 of 1991. This Act came into operation on the 25 May 1995.

Requirements to incorporate a company in Guyana:

1. Name search - proposed name of company, contact information & nature of business
2. Address of Registered Office in Guyana
3. Secretary - name, address and occupation
4. Notice of Consent of Secretary
5. Director(s) - name, address and occupation
6. Notice of Consent of Director(s)
7. Articles of Incorporation stating share capital, minimum issue price in respect of shares, the minimum and maximum numbers of Directors allowable, and any restrictions on the business that the company may carry on or the right to transfer shares
8. A Declaration of Compliance signed by an Attorney at Law in Guyana confirming that the above parties are not less than 18 years, are not undischarged bankrupt and are not of unsound mind
9. Colour copies of valid passport pages of the above parties with signature and photograph
10. By-laws

11. Notice of Shareholders (optional)
12. Declaration of Beneficial Ownership (optional)

13. Certificate of Good Standing

14. Certificate of Incorporation - upon filing the above documents and payment of the prescribed registration fee to the Commercial Registry, the Registrar of Commerce issues a Certificate of Incorporation of the Company. Thereafter, the Registrar publishes the issuance of the said Certificate of Incorporation in the Official Gazette in accordance with section 479 of the Companies Act.

15. Time for Certificate 5 - 7 working days.

16. The basic cost including legal fees to incorporate a Guyana company is US$950.

17. External company
Companies registered out of Guyana may also apply to register as an external company in Guyana.


Ms Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel. For legal services click on links here Oil and Gas, Mining Law & Agreements, Conveyancing, Property matters, Trademarks, Adoption of Children, Divorces, Probates of Wills and Administration, Money Claims, Formation of Companies, Mediation and Real Estate.

Ms Jamela A Ali, SCmade special studies in Legislative Drafting, obtained a Masters of Law degree from UWI, Barbados, which included the Public Law courses of Constitutional and Administrative Law and wrote a Research Paper on Legislative Drafting, Parliamentary Counsel, Statute Law Revision, Consolidation of Laws, Law Reform, Constitution, Natural Justice, and Good Administration.

Ms Jamela A. Ali, SC is a Trademark Agent, a Notary Public and a Trained Mediator.

For further information, here are the contact details:

Contact person: Jamela A. Ali, Senior Counsel, CM, LLM (Legislative Drafting), LLB (Hons)(UWI), MCIArb.

Office Address: 78 Hadfield and Breda Streets, Werk en Rust, Georgetown, Guyana (br), South America

Telephone: +592 225 4712

Whats app message: +592 696 2435

Emails:                 jamelalawyer11@yahoo.com


Website:               www.GuyaneseLawyer.com








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